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Danielle runs a successful Personal Training, bootcamp, group fitness and nutrition coaching business on the Gold Coast, while also juggling wife and mother duties to two teenage girls. 

Danielle is an ambassador for Oxygen Australia as well as a former Cover girl for the National magazine.  She regularly contributes to the editorial content for the publication.  

In the past Danielle has successfully set goals to conquer events such as competing in a figure competition at 44 years of age, a number of half marathons, the 100km Sydney Trailwalkers, triathlons, mud and obstacle races, and many more.   Often these events are valuable fundraising vehicles and Danielle has raised literally tens of thousands over the years for various organisations.  She also conducts annual events as part of her Bodyworks business to raise money, toys and food items for local Gold Coast charities like Rosie’s and Rise Up.  

Not starting in the health and fitness industry until her late 30’s, Danielle brings a great deal of life experience into her profession.   She appreciates the difficulties faced with balancing children, home, partners, work and YOU time.  She understands the obstacles women deal with when it comes to achieving goals and the ‘guilt’ that is often associated with being a wife and mother who has their own dreams and aspirations.

Danielle has recently established a new goal for herself which will see her embark on an exciting new phase of exploration and a search for her ‘True North’.    As a natural progression of her interest in women’s physical AND mental health, her focus is shifting towards the ‘North of 45’ woman who has spent a lifetime ‘fighting’ with their bodies, with food, with feelings of not ‘being enough’ - young enough, pretty enough, lean enough, successful enough, wealthy enough and so on, and with trying to reverse the ageing process.  

These days she is developing a true passion for helping women embrace their age, their unique qualities, their bodies, their ‘best’ selves and finding their own true north.   Helping other women to understand their own worth and value by gaining knowledge and learning self-acceptance at any stage but particularly as they climb ‘North of 45’.

Danielle has set herself a goal to become a champion and voice, maybe even a little bit of a ‘trailblazer’ for being age positive and teaching women, and society, that beauty has NO age.  She wants to help women learn to be proud of their age, their looks, their bodies and their work regardless of the number on their birth certificate and to celebrate the gift and privilege that getting older is. 

“I love the grace and the story that women are telling by aging naturally" – Drew Barrymore 

“Aging always made me feel more substantial, as if I had more to offer – Ellen Barkin

Please contact Danielle if you have any questions, need help or feel you can assist in her North of 45 campaign or are interested in collaborating with her. 



  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

  • Internationally certified Les Mills Body Pump, RPM, Body Balance & CxWorx Instructor

  • Metafit Instructor

  • Boxing certification

  • Nutrition Coach certification from the Australian Institute of Fitness


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