August 5, 2018

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Prepare to have your Mind BLOWN!!!!

10 Jan 2016

I am so proud to be the first Ambassador for Herman Brot, low carb, high protein products in Australia.  And my role just got a WHOLE lot more exciting.


You know how much I LOVE being able to eat the bread and regularly include it in my weekly meal plan for a great source of protein and good fats without the carbs usually associated with bread. 


I've been waiting to tell you about the amazing pasta that has just become available online to purchase, and I can finally share it with you!


Introducing, Herman Brot Low Carb, High Protein Pasta!  Yep!  You heard right all you pasta-loving freaks, you are about to have your mind blown!



How good is this stuff??? Seriously good.....

It cooks just like regular pasta with a slight al dente texture. 

It tastes delicious and can be served with all your favourite pasta toppings. 

Here I served it with a simple roast vegetable & tomato sauce.  





And the macro breakdown?  Mind blowing... An 85g uncooked portion equates to:

Calories - 270

Protein - 39.4g

Carbs - 8.5g (Say WHAT????)

Fat - 6.4g

Fibre - 11.8g


And get this!  It has a GI of only 22 which is unheard of for pasta!


This is seriously going to hit my table at LEAST once a week! 





Just in case you didn't drool enough over my first picture...check this one out!


Pesto Sauce with bacon, cherry tomatos, snow peas, capsicum, spinach and pinenuts.....OMG!


The pasta will be available from retailers later this year.


But for now you can order your very own box of 16 packets delivered right to your doorstep!   Each pack has 3 big servings in it so that's 48 serves in an order.  




It basically works out to about $2 a serve so if you're only adding veges and sauce to this it's one inexpensive, nutritious meal lovelies! 


And if you can't make up your mind between the pasta or the bread? 

Get both! 

You are permitted to get a combination of both on the one order.


Thank you Herman Brot! :)



So there you have it, or at least you will very soon.


Follow this link to order now!


**IMPORTANT** - I do NOT get paid in anyway to promote this product.  I think it's important for you to know that I promote the bread and pasta because I genuinely believe they are a quality, nutritious addition to your diet that can have positive effects on your health.   I do, gratefully, accept a weekly loaf of bread from the good people at Herman Brot so that I can help them promote it.  


Yours in good health



Dan x 





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