August 5, 2018

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Could ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ be the ultimate goal?

4 Feb 2016

Imagine a world where women do things for themselves out of love instead of loathing. 


Where we cherish our bodies and reward them with good food and exercise instead of punish them with a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition.




As women we are raised, consciously or not, to hate and even loathe our bodies.

We are so accustomed to comparing and falling short of society’s ideal of the ‘perfect’ figure. 

From a young age we start judging and criticising each other because we hear our Mothers doing the same.  Monkey see, monkey do.









Daily we are bombarded with photo-shopped images of women & men with ‘perfect’ bodies in magazines and newspapers.  We fill our social media newsfeeds with people who have perfect bodies leading perfect lives. And we are sold programs and dreams in the form of pills, potions, shakes and powders that are guaranteed to help you melt inches and get the body you’ve always ‘dreamed of’.  



Despite the fact that we are reminded regularly that social media posts are only your current crushes’ ‘highlight reels’, we lament that they are living the perfect life with the perfect body while we can barely get our skinny jeans up over our thighs as our kids tucking into McDonalds yet again and the house looks like a bomb has gone off!


Perfectly toned and tanned bodies; white teeth, even complexions; angelic children & romantic Husbands; regular trips to Bali with the girls and gourmet, organic meals pre-prepared on a daily basis…..I get it, it’s intimidating to say the least!


But really?  Common sense tells us that the actual reality is often far removed from the highlights that we are ‘permitted’ to view on these pages. 


I, myself am guilty of using my social media pages to portray the life I would LIKE to be leading. But to be perfectly honest I’d be lucky to hit the mark 50-60%??    And you guessed it, that 50-60% is what I let everyone see!   


Time and time again we’ve heard calls for magazines to use “real” women as models throughout their pages and yet we are still seeing long, lean, stick-like figures grace the runways in Paris and New York each year at Fashion Shows. 


We talk a good game of wanting to see ‘real women’ but when it comes down to it we are still fixated with the illusion of perfection that has been held up for so many years as the ultimate goal. 


This is even more evident in the world of Figure competing where Social Media figures post their most flattering shots on stage or taken by Professionals in the most flattering angle at a time when they have just completed 12 plus weeks of preparation for that very moment.   Or even better, that bathroom selfies taken at 5am before any food or drink is consumed and the lighting is just right for the ‘perfect’ angle. 


Sadly, so many impressionable young women accept that this is their ‘normal’ body and an achievable year-round physique.  So begins the daily struggle with body-image and the obsession with perfection.




And the Marketers…don’t get me started (and I can, because I was one of them for years).  Packaging up your hopes and dreams into pills, magic vitamins and supplements, shakes and juices.  Promising you the body of your dreams in 30 days or 12 weeks. 


Despite knowing intellectually that this is simply not possible, emotionally we throw our money at these products because deep down we secretly hope that just one of them will deliver what they promise without us actually having to put in any hard work or sacrifice.





It would be a long, arduous and seemingly impossible task to change the mindset of every man, woman and child world-wide.   To get everyone to reject the concept of perfection.    To get the world over to embrace the notion of perfectly imperfect. 


So my challenge to you, the Reader, is simple.


Start the change from within. 


Start with just you.  



Stop the comparisons.  Stop the self-abuse.  Stop the mental torture, self-imposed restrictions and self-degradation. Stop the endless pursuit of someone else’s idea of perfection.  Stop tearing others down and ripping them apart in an effort to make you feel better about yourself.


Start the change from within.


Start trying to respect and admire your body for its strength and abilities rather than what it looks like and won’t fit into.


Try to look in the mirror and only see beauty instead of every blemish, bump, and ‘imperfection’.


Be supportive and protective of other women and speak about them with admiration, compassion and pride.  


Start trying to embrace the concept that the ‘perfect body’ is uniquely individual, as the only perfect body is the best version of your own.


Embrace the idea that you are ‘perfectly imperfect’ and that in itself is perfection.


Start the change from within.




love always,


Dan x



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