August 5, 2018

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November Round UP: BHAGs, Women of Influence & Ethical Consumerism!

1 Dec 2017

 Left to right: Carla Tooma, Michelle Mitchell, Moi, Sam Riley - Women of Influence Event



November was a month of emotional highs, lows and everything in between.


If you read my last blog you will have seen the roller coaster that resulted from organising a memorial walk for a dear friend who took her own life in November last year.   

While it was a celebration of her life, it was also an emotionally draining day that bought back much sadness and helpless feelings for many of her family and friends.   


As is often the case in life, we need balance, and when we experience the lows they are very often accompanied by highs as well. 

This month I was super fortunate enough to be able to do something that has been a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of mine for a while now and was certainly what I expected and more!


Now any of my clients or friends will tell you that I am a BIG advocate for stepping outside your comfort zone and regularly doing things that scare the BEJEEZUS out of you.   


Yes, of course life would be a lot more comfortable and easy if we only tackled tasks that we knew we could do or that we would be good at. 


But HELL....where's the FUN in that?!   


When you experience the endorphins, the rush, the pride and the feeling of accomplishment from taking on something that you really are not SURE you can do, or will be any good at, or if you are physically capable of finishing....the feeling is unbeatable, and the lessons you learn about yourself and your levels of determination, commitment and GUTS are invaluable. 


So what did I do? 


I took part in my first, but hopefully not last, public speaking event!


Back in September I was utterly thrilled when the local networking group, Women of Influence, asked me to be a guest speaker for a Q&A panel at their last event on the 2017 calendar.  

Women of Influence is a not for profit organisation; their purpose is to provide a forum for motivated and successful business women to network, learn and connect.  What an awesome room of women to be in front of and connecting with!


What particularly impresses me about this group is their charitable focus, with all of their events raising funds for RADFLY who provide ongoing support for disadvantaged youth on the Gold Coast.  


And what made this event even more special to be a part of for myself, was the involvement of a company called Outland Denim.    This small, local company is doing their best to make a BIG impact on the world through their ethical and moral stance on producing, manufacturing and selling their jeans.   


In their own words:

'Outland Denim crafts premium denim  jeans designed to bring the worlds of our sewers and our customers closer together.


We source the finest raw materials from around the world while offering sustainable employment and training opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.



By purchasing a pair of Outland Denim jeans, a girl you don’t know is right now being saved from a life of abuse and exploitation. Our jeans are “made different” not only because of how they are made, with fine attention to detail, but because every pair can help change someone’s life.'

Personally, I am finding this new breed of 'retailers, manufacturers and service providers with a conscience' are providing more and more compelling reasons to spend my dollars with those that are committed to making a genuine, REAL and positive difference to the world we live in....compared to the traditional money-grabbing without scruples models of operation that we have been used to. 



Doesn't it 'feel' better to spend your dollars with a company whose core values and priorities align with your own and you know are committed to making our world better? certainly does for me.


I was also really thrilled to receive a pair of Outland jeans to wear to the event....I can honestly say (without bias) that they are THE most comfortable jeans I have ever slipped on these pegs!   They are stretchy, soft and they meld to your body like a glove.  


If you want to know more about the Outland Denim story have a read here.    I personally find it inspiring and a company I WANT to support. 


Now back to that BHAG of mine!


Being a Group Fitness Instructor and natural extrovert (IKR hard to believe!), I have no problem with a microphone and the topic for the event was very much 'right up my alley' - Goal Setting Like a Champion! 

                                                         HATES A MICROPHONE!


Additionally it was a Q&A format so there was no need for me to prepare a speech as such. BONUS! 


So this was the perfect introduction to speaking in front of a crowd and hopefully imparting a little of the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years in relation to the topic of goal setting.  


What made the event even more exciting was that I shared the panel with two very successful and celebrated Ex-Olympians, Michelle Mitchell OAM - Gold Medal Hockeyroo and Sam Riley - Olympic swimming champion.    EEEEK!!! 

 What an absolute honour and thrill to sit beside Michelle & Sam! 


I won't bore you with the details, but the event was a great success held in the stunning Videre Restaurant at RACV Royal Pines  - just look at that view behind us and all of us decked out in our Outland Denim!


The feedback has all been really positive and apart from my usual goofiness, I'm pretty sure we managed to keep the crowd entertained.    More importantly, a lot of money was raised for RADFLY which is a HUGE cherry on top of the cake for me!  


Thank you to Georgia, Nicola, Jodi and the team at Women Of Influence for asking me to be part of such an inspiring day that raised the profile of a wonderful local company on a mission to change the world AND raised much needed funding for a fabulous local charity striving to make a difference in our own backyards. 


I had some other great moments in November which I'll save for another blog.....but safe to say, this was particular day was a highlight for 2017 and I'm itching to do more.


I would absolutely LOVE to do more public speaking in 2018, so this is going to the top of my goals/intentions list for the New Year.   It's time to #makeithappen!


If you're interested, here's a few more pics from the WOI event down below. 

Videre restaurant was an outstanding venue with beautiful food and boasts some of the best views the Gold Coast has to offer. 


And if you're interested in discussing any speaking engagements that you think I would be suitable for in 2018, don't be shy, get in contact! 

Whether it's fitness, nutrition, holistic health, balance, motivation, goal setting, being North of 45 and more, I've got an opinion on most things in these fields and I'm always happy to share them! 


Here's to being irresistible!


Dan x 


 Gallery from Women of Influence - Goal Setting Like a Champion Nov 16, 2017









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