August 5, 2018

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Is it OK if 2015 isn't bigger and better and more awesome than 2014???

1 Jan 2015


January 1....resolutions being made all over the world to make 2015 a bigger, better, more awesome year than ever before.


People everywhere setting goals, making promises to themselves, chasing dreams.


I have to be honest....I've been a little anxious about the pressure I thought I would put on myself today to set new goals and targets for the year.


You see, 2014 was an absolute cracker year for me.    I did things and won things that I never dreamed possible. 


At this time last year I had 2 very timid and shy goals:


1) To compete in a figure competition - which I did and placed top 10 in my category.


2) To enter the Oxygen Magazine cover girl competition - which I did, and won!!


I say timid and shy, because I didn't share them with anyone, and I didn't really believe at the time that I would actually pursue them. 


They were my own private little drivers that set my path for the year ahead.  As I travelled further and further along the path they became louder and louder until they could no longer be ignored.  It was only then that I shared them with a few others and they became actual, physical and accountable goals for me to strive for.


So you see a resolution need not be verbalised or shared with others.  It can easily remain private and personal until you are comfortable with sharing (if in fact you ever feel the need to).


For me, the personal pressure I have felt leading up to New Years has been all about the need to find a way to "top" 2014. 


How on earth could I possibly make 2015 more successful and amazing after the success I had experienced in 2014?


I had pushed and driven and asked so much of my body last year that I couldn't for the life of me see how I could come up with something bigger and better in 2015!  (Competing again is just not really on the agenda for me so that wasn't an option).


And then those little voices in my head that I so often dismiss started getting a little louder again.  This week I stopped and really started to listen to what they had to say once more.


It's simply this - why Danielle?


Why do you feel you need to be better?

Why do you think you need to make 2015 bigger?

Last year's goals were very much centred around creating the best body I could with what I had on Jan 1, 2014.   

And I certainly did accomplish that. 

I proved to myself that I can create any type of body I want with the right nutrition, exercise, discipline and commitment.

For me to chase anything more in this area would simply be ego driven and I think in many ways set me up for disappointment and a feeling of failure if I didn't succeed as well as I did last year. 


That's not to say I won't be setting goals for my health and fitness, to me that is just a part of life that is non-negotiable.  


But what I have come to peace with is that I'm ok with 2015 not being BIGGER or BETTER than 2014.   


If nothing AS exciting happens to me in 2015, I'm ok with that.

I'm ok not being as disciplined as I was for most of last year to get me stage-ready. 

I'm ok with not looking like I did on the cover of Oxygen or when I stepped onto the stage. 

Both of these goals took so much energy, focus and discipline and I'm damn proud of them, but they are not the way I look 24/7, 365 days of the year.....and I'm ok with that.


These were short-term goals, I achieved them, I am damn proud of them, but I am OK with the idea that I don't have to now find a way to be better than them. 


I was discussing the issue with my closest friend while we were away camping this week and she wisely pointed out that there are other things in life to set goals for.    Business, career, family, educational, financial goals. 


Traditionally my New Year resolutions have revolved around getting fitter, losing weight, giving up smoking (when I was MUCH youngers), running a 1/2 marathon etc.


Just a simple conversation with a friend opened my eyes and started me thinking about what other areas of my life I could work on this year to create a healthier and happier work/health/family balance and future.


So this year I have decided that I'm ok with the idea that my 'physical' goals do not have to be BIGGER or BETTER than 2014.


My 2015 physical goals will all be focused on consistency and perseverance.  Because I know that being consistent is paramount to any long term success.


My major goals for this year will therefore be focused on other areas of my life:


  •  furthering my education with a course in Nutrition. This is an area that I am so so passionate about and hope to be able to help more people understand the role that food plays in their health and wellbeing.

  • focus on building my personal training business further so that I can contribute more consistently to my family's financial security.

  • grow my Bootcamp business with the possibility of adding a few early morning sessions to my weekly timetable.

  • have more fun with my family because ultimately they are my reason for everything!


So, I hope I've given you some "food for thought" as you formulate your own resolutions and goals over the next few days.


Don't forget the message in my previous blog about resolutions.   The most important thing is to get help if it is something you have tried to do on your own in the past but haven't succeeded.


Here's hoping 2015 is a year filled with fun, laugher, love, success, prosperity and peace for all of us.




Dan x


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