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What gift will you give to yourself this Christmas?

23 Dec 2014



As we all rush around like headless chooks this week organising food, gifts, parties and more it can be so very easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas.


Do you take any time to just stop and appreciate all you have? 


Take time to give thanks for your family, loved ones, health and possessions? 


Women are particularly guilty of trying to create the 'perfect' Christmas for everyone.  As if it's our job to ensure that everyone has a great day, is well fed and receives the perfect gifts.   


But where do we fit in? 

Who is trying to do the same for us?  

And really, is the need to be perfect overrated?   

There are so many in the world that would just view the sitting down to a meal with family and friends as the greatest gift they could receive.


I read this great article in the Huffington Post the other day that put it into a little better perspective for me at least:


"This is the year that you should dedicate yourself to staying in the present moment as much as possible, no matter how crazy and hectic your schedule becomes. If you race through each day of the season, mindlessly completing the items on your to-do list, you can become exhausted, depleted and resentful and totally miss the joys of this special time of year."


The article goes on to talk about 5 gifts that you can give yourself this Christmas including:

1. The gift of solitude - taking an hour out sometime during this period to be totally alone with your thoughts.

2. The gift of spontaneity - taking the opportunity to enjoy doing something that is unplanned and not on your to-do list.

3. The gift of wisdom - taking some time to acknowledge what Christmas is really about and the message it holds.

4. The gift of hunger - Skip a meal over the holiday period and be reminded of what it feels to be hungry.  Hopefully helping you appreciate even more the abundance of food and material possessions in your world.

5. The gift of stars - Step outside one evening, lie back and soak in the magnificence of the stars in the sky.  Be aware of how tiny we all are in the vastness of the Universe and bring your thoughts back once again to what is really important.



I thought this was a wonderful article that was thought provoking and very timely as I stressed and rushed my way through the past week prior to family arriving and a dozen people at my house for Christmas day lunch.    


It reminded me that my life is pretty darn amazing and I am so very blessed to have what, and who I do in it. 


So if Christmas day is a little less perfect than the Hallmark picture I have in my head, you know what?  


I'll get over it!


To read the full article follow this link. 


I'd like to add another gift that you can give to yourself also...



6. The gift of forgiveness - I'd dearly love you to forgive yourself for the past.  Let it go.  

2015 is a new chapter in your life and you are holding the pen.  


You hold the ability to write a brand new story.  Make is a best seller.


Merry Christmas.



Dan x 











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