August 5, 2018

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Bye Bye 2017 and a BIG HELLO 2018

31 Dec 2017

I've shared a couple of New Year related posts on Instagram over the past 2 days so thought I'd repost on the blog.


I'm excited about the year ahead and have lots of creative juice flowing for articles, interviews and more!   


Happy New Year dear readers....I wish you nothing but love, health and happiness in 2018!



It’s quite common to be feeling unsettled & agitated on the days leading up to New Years Eve. 

Traditionally we all put pressure on ourselves to come up with a list of amazing, life changing, pie-in-the-sky resolutions to tick off over the next 12 months that will surely impress everyone who reads them on Social Media or who we tell. 

Our feeds, papers, mags & conversations are filled with; 

What’s your resolution for 2018?

What do you want to achieve?

What are your goals?

What are you chasing?

What does the New You involve?


It’s enough to make even the most level-headed among us a little edgy & nervous about making sure we set the “perfect” resolution.

But why? 

Because if we tell people what it is, it’s set in stone right? 

And we can’t then change it right? 

And so if we don’t achieve what we’ve set then we’ve failed at something again right?

I know I’ve certainly fallen into that trap many times in the past. 


But guess what?  Here's a little secret...
You don’t actually HAVE to set any resolutions.  




What do you mean Dan??  Of course I have to set a resolution!  If I don't then I won't ACHIEVE anything this year!!! 


I call BULLSHIT on this! 


Seriously, if the thought of not choosing the PERFECT resolution each year causes you any amount of stress or anxiety, chuck it in the fuck it bucket & just treat it like any other day! 


Because here’s another little secret.... 

nobody else gives a rat’s bottom what your resolution is!

Nobody is grading you. 

Nobody is critiquing your choice.

You don’t get a trophy or reward for your quality of resolution. 

Nobody else gives a SHIT!  

Just Do YOU!

If that means your only intention for the New Year is to continue being the amazing, unique, fabulous, awesome & perfectly imperfect human that you are now...GO FOR IT!  


Don’t get me wrong, if you are the type that needs a goal or challenge to provide motivation for action, then by all means set one (or two or three, just don’t set so many your head is spinning and you don’t know where to start). 

But seriously, if it’s something you REALLY want, something you can’t stop thinking about, something that will get you out of bed every morning to achieve then try this crazy idea....

Start today!    WHAT???

Yep, 30 Dec is your day 1.   

If you want it THAT bad, why the hell would you wait til Monday?   

Go get that bastard NOW!!! 

And if you are not prepared to start working on that goal today....well you really have to question whether it really is that important to you and whether it will join the other hundreds of resolutions of New Year's past collecting dust in the corners of your head. 

Set resolutions, intentions, promises, goals, or DON'T, do whatever YOU want, not what society and traditions pressure you to. 

Just lose the pressure, the guilt, the demons and the self-loathing and start the new year with love, respect & honesty for your authentic self. 

You know who she is.  

Deep down.  

Right in the middle of your head. 
Go there.  

Take her hand, tell her you love and trust her and let her lead you into 2018.  
Much love 

 Sign off post for 2017. 

I don’t do resolutions but I do set intentions.  
Heading into 2018, just these 3:

💖 be the change - through your words, actions & example 
💖 love & gratitude - feel it, show it, express it. 
💖 JFDI - when all else fails & motivation is gone.  Pull your big girls pants up and get it done. 


These will be my daily mantras for the new year that will influence my actions & goals.  


Thank you to my clients, friends & family for many wonderful memories this year.  


Thank you to all my insta & FB friends who have read my words, enjoyed my pictures & taken the time to connect with me.  


Whatever you dream for in 2018,  I wish you health, happiness, peace & success on your own terms.    


Take this new year & make it your own.  


Don’t sweat the small stuff. 


Surround yourself with good, caring people who inspire you. 


Find what makes YOU happy & do that.  


And when motivation is lacking maybe think about my 3 mantras:
💖 be the change 
💖 love & gratitude 

Happy New Year everyone. 


Here's to being irresistible. 

Dan x 

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