August 5, 2018

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North of 45 Chats to....Amanda Ramsay: Secrets from a Beauty Insider for women over 40!

15 Jan 2018

This year as part of my North of 45 focus and ongoing #agepositive and campaign, I've decided to interview and put the spotlight on a number of amazing women in this Country.    A shout out, if you like, to support their business and mission for age positive change. 


The one thing that all of the women that I will interview have is a passion for trying to change the traditional stereotype and notion of what a woman over 45 looks, acts, dresses, feels, behaves, thinks and moves like. 


They are all Pro-Aging crusaders who, like me, refuse to conform to societies habit of discarding women once they are deemed to be past an acceptable age to be seen as beautiful, desirable or worthy of any attention. 


My first interview is with the very lovely Amanda Ramsay who has worked with the likes of Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk and many more high profile Australian women.  


Amanda runs Makeup Masterclasses for women specifically over 40!  And for that I think she deserves a BIG shout out! 



Make sure you read to the BOTTOM to see the very generous offer Amanda is extending to reader of this blog! 


AND some links to some fabulous articles and videos that might just be of interest to you,  from how to create the perfect smoky eye look at our age,  to Amanda's thoughts on the latest Skin Needling rage. 


Thank you Amanda x 





Amanda is an experienced Professional Makeup Artist, and is on a mission to help women over 40 feel damn fabulous about themselves using a little genuine insider beauty know-how.  
Over the last 14 years, Amanda has collaborated with some of Sydney's best creative in the fashion and commercial advertising industries.   Her professional career started while working for advertising agencies in Sydney and London. It was whilst on a shoot in London that she had her light bulb moment. “The makeup artist definitely had the best job.” So in 2003, after qualifying as a make up artist in London, she landed back in Sydney to work as a first assistant on a Jet music video and life has never been the same.  
Now, in her mid-40's, a time poor, working mother with 2 gorgeous rambunctious boys she has found her calling. 


Here's how my interview with Amanda went:


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background in the beauty


I’m a bit of a rebel with a cause. I’m an experienced professional makeup artist on a mission to help women over 40 remain visible, heck even look hot and feel bloody fantastic on the rollercoaster that is life! I’m a massive advocate for the Pro Ageing movement and the idea that ageing isn’t a disease, it’s just something that we do, so we might as well have fun with our makeup, learn a few tips and tricks for looking and feeling mighty FABULOUS along the way. Empowering women with a little makeup know how that is relevant to their stage of life is what it’s all about. I’m 45, I’ve 2 young boys, life is wild, woolly and rarely goes to plan – so I totally get the need for quick makeup tips that deliver effective results fast.


Who are some of the ‘names’ you have made up over the years in your profession?


Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk, Sally Pearson, Colette Dinnigan, Tanya Pliberseck, Julia Gillard, Rebecca Gibney, Jackie O, Rikki Lee Coulter.


You specifically target women over the age of 40, why this age group?


Oh so many reasons.

This whole idea of my business, Secrets from a Beauty Insider for women over 40, was really sparked by a conversation with my mother-in-law almost 10 years ago.


She told me that after she went through menopause, she felt invisible.


It was this that truly broke my heart and inspired me to work more and more with women over 40, to empower them to feel confident, remain visible, and to go that step further to feeling freaking awesome regardless of their age!


The most obvious being I am 45 .. so I’m in their world, I get it. My face is changing too. I hit 40 and people kept telling me I’d lost weight. I’d just had my second son so let’s just say I was carrying extra weight, but my face just looked thinner. The plump pillowy cheeks I had most of my life were visibly depleted and sitting lower on my face, the skin under my neck was thinner and crepey and I developed jowls.  

My friends were upping the ante on their requests for help – or guidance on what products were right for them – so I saw a need. No one was talking to them.


We all deserve to look and feel beautiful - which of course we are without makeup .. makeup just adds the extra WOW factor!


What do you see as the greatest challenge facing women “North of 45” in your particular field of work?


Understanding the changes in your skin, then knowing what products to choose to accommodate and improve those changes plus having the makeup tricks to enhance their beauty. It’s all about skin – you get your skincare right, the true foundation of any great makeup is good skin.


It seems the biggest quandary for many is remaining relevant without Botox or fillers.


It is less about how much make up you wear and more about understanding your skin and what’s right for you. Check out my before and afters to see the walking of the walk that I am talking. These women look amazing and they are using half the makeup a 20-something YouTubing makeup artist might layer on your face. And this is precisely why I also write my beauty blog - Secrets from a Beauty Insider - to help educate women, in my professional opinion of what products work, what products they need for their faces right now (not the 20 year old version of themselves, but the 40+ version of who they are now). The beauty departments are a minefield and can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. I help women navigate all of that, simplify. Keep it simple. And don’t take it too seriously, have fun. 


Do you want to tell us a little about the workshops you offer for women and where they can get information on the next one?


The Makeup Masterclasses are specifically for women over 40. 

Ultimately you learn how to apply your makeup like a Pro... for your face right now (that is the 40+ you, not the 20 year old you).


I teach simple, effective techniques – plus dish out my professional secret insider makeup tips and beauty tricks – for achieving fresh, youthful radiance. You'll have lots of fun along the way becoming the Mistress of your own makeup!


We’ve added some new value-packed practical makeup masterclasses for women over 40, geared to address your biggest beauty concerns. 


The Clean Beauty Makeup Academy – for women looking to make the change to greener, cleaner, toxin-free makeup and beauty


Makeup Masterclasses – Understanding Your Skin, Mastering your Everyday Makeup, Transforming Daytime Makeup to Night time Glam.


We’ve had everyone from 40 – 84 years join us, which makes my heart sing. I love the energy of women coming together, we really lift one another up. Everyone leaves with a magnificent smile on their face, new found confidence, a bucket-load of makeup tips and often new friends.



I’d also like to offer your Readers a little gift. 

When they sign up to a Makeup Masterclass, they’ll get a FREE Beauty Gift Pack (valued at over $60).

Just enter the Code BODY WORKS in the Message Box on Checkout.


Here are the links to Amanda's scheduled workshops for 2018.


If you would like to follow Amanda you can find her on Facebook as @amandaramsaymakeup or Instagram is @amandaramsaymakeup


And don't forget to sign up to her fabulous BLOG so that you receive regular tips and tricks to help you stay looking fabulous in the skin you're in! 


See below for the link to articles mentioned above. 


Happy reading and here's to being irresistible!


Dan x 


Check out some of her Videos here 












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