August 5, 2018

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North of 45 Ode to Fingers, Rings & Birds

22 Jan 2018

Every now and then I start writing in rhyme.....but not all the time! 

This was a recent Instagram post that I wanted to share with a few edits and additions.  

Hope you enjoy....


She was born with rings on her fingers, 
And bells on her toes, 
She should have had music wherever she goes.

Growing up she read tweets, watched movies

Scrolled posts, 
Soon society taught her what IT values most.

She had veins on her legs
And stripes on her thighs, 
She looked in the mirror and sometimes she cried.

Wrinkles & sun spots 
And the saddest of breasts, 
Loving her body became the ultimate test. 


The years had flown by 

She'd stopped keeping score

First to admit not young anymore.


But she refused to accept 

She had no control over her course 

And set off on a journey to find her True North

 Now with pride in her heart 
And grey in her hair 
She’s slowly winning the battle to treat herself fair.

Her butt may be dimpled, 
Her hands might be rough 
But she knows in her head she is MORE than enough! 

Screw what THEY say, 
She was born to rebel, 
No more to live this self-inflicted hell. 

From her thick, veiny legs, 
To her grey hair above
She is learning at last to practice self-love. 


With age comes wisdom 

And a dose of reality 

Heath and happiness more a priority

Gratitude, kindness, 
Admiration and respect, 
These are the words her body can expect. 

So with rings on her fingers 
And one in the air 🖕🏼
She’s choosing a new life, free from despair.


by Danielle Appi



How crazy is it that we take an innocent picture and scrutinise & examine it until any beauty is completely lost in a sea of our own perceived flaws & imperfections?

Ask yourself this...

Are you the person who zoomed in on the hands to check out the peachy ring collection from Want X Jewellery? 




Were you the person who zoomed into the tiger stripes on the top of legs?   Or anywhere looking for flaws and imperfections on the body pictured?   


Ask yourself, if you are the latter....why is that? 

I’ll be the first to admit that for a large part of my life, my initial response would be to look for the flaws, to look for the ugly, to prove that the person was not as perfect as they looked. 

And why? 

Because I was so desperately unhappy with my own body that I couldn’t bare to see other women with what I thought were  “perfect” bodies being happy. 

Jealousy is really not a very attractive trait is it? 👹
Choose a new way & 🖕🏼 societies “rules”.   



Here's to being irresistible! 


Dan x 


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