August 5, 2018

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North of 45 chats to...Brigitte Warne from Silverfox MGMT - STYLE HAS NO AGE LIMIT

29 Jan 2018

As a North of 45 woman, and as a consumer,  I find it frustrating and maddening that more brands don't understand their core target markets and consequently develop their advertising and marketing campaigns centered around these markets and their values. 


So many of the big consumer brands are still following the traditional model approach of youthful beauty in their marketing campaigns and as a result can be doing their image more harm than good in the target audience that they are aiming at. 


One Australian modelling agency is working hard to turn the industry on it's head and lead the change towards smarter, more relevant advertising campaigns that 'consider the customer at the centre of everything'. 


In their own words, Silverfox MGMT are: 


'an agency that exclusively represents talent and models over 30 years old. 50% of the Australian population is over 37 years old. The wealth of those aged 55+ is growing more quickly than any other age group. Over 65s today control 30% of total wealth in Australia – despite the GFC. Brands continue to chase the affections of the young, while simultaneously saying 40 is the new 30, 60 the new 50 or even the new 45. It’s time for a change. Our mission is to represent Australia’s most in-demand models.


Those well-travelled trailblazers, whose beauty and intrigue transcends age. It’s time for models over 30 to sell the sizzle, walk catwalks and be the face of beauty campaigns – and not only as a PR stunt. Read more about the state of play in the industry today on our blog.


We represent mature commercial models, mature fashion models, mature male models, mature female models based in both Sydney and Melbourne. We're a boutique classic model agency based in Sydney. Helping brands target the country's most influential audiences is our passion.'




Brigitte Warne and Georgia Branch are the dynamic duo behind Silverfox MGMT. 


Brigitte, (pictured left) a successful model herself, was kind enough to take the time to chat to North of 45 and tell us a little more about what the Company hopes to achieve on their mission.


Thank you Brigitte!  


Enjoy the read below and here's to being irresistible!


Dan x 




Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background in the modelling industry.   


I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, riding my horses and surfing when I could. I started modelling around 17 years old when I was approached by an agency. Modelling wasn't something I ever really aspired to do, but once I realised that it was something I could do flexibly and get paid very well for I decided it worth taking seriously.


I modeled all through university where I completed a double degree in Public Health and Health Promotion / Commerce with a major in Marketing. 

After uni I was lucky enough to score an international modelling contract which really elevated my career and eventually I moved to Sydney where it became a full time job. 

Modelling allowed me the freedom to continue to study part time, so went back to study something that I loved Equine Sport Therapy.


I continued to model full time up until this year when I decided to to back our business 100% and go full-time as Silverfox MGMT… This turned out to be a very good decision! 

Ha Ha!



What is Silverfox Management Group and what was the motivation behind you girls starting the company?


Silverfox MGMT is Australia's first agency to exclusive represent mature models and ambassdors. 


Up until now model agencies in Australia focused on their young, up and coming models that reflected the ‘traditional’ standards of what the industry considered as beautiful. This meant that once a model hit a certain age they were generally no longer considered ‘model’ material.


The idea behind Silverfox was very simple - companies were trying to create relatable marketing campaigns to target their most affluent audiences, but they couldn't find the right models! 


Our aim was to change these crazy beauty standards and to help brands and companies understand the value of using age relatable talent that their consumers can actually relate and aspire too!



How successful have you been so far in making an impact on the current advertising and marketing landscape in Australia and influencing brand decision makers? 


We are very proud to say that we have made a pretty big impact in the Australian advertising landscape so far!


We have just had our biggest month to date and bookings seem to be coming in stronger every month.


We now have over 170 models and divisions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and our first international office in Auckland.

We have big plans for next year too!

We are thinking Silverfox global domination haha!!


But yes, I think its safe to say that we have certainly ruffled some feathers in modelling and advertising here in Australia, which to our surprise has been met with overwhelming support and positivity.



What do you see as the greatest challenge facing women “North of 45” in this particular industry? 


I believe the biggest challenge facing women over 45 is that they feel invisible.


It's truly shocking and something I genuinely did not realise how bad it was until we started Silverfox MGMT.


We receive so many messages from women of all ages praising us for what we are doing. Many of our models have told us that doing something like this has changed their entire outlook on life, because it means that - 


being a certain age does not mean you can not still be beautiful, stylish, happy, confident and courageous. 



If there was ONE idea/message you would like women in the Over 40 demographic to embrace, what would it be? 


Don't let stereotypes and preconceived ideas dictate how you live your life.


If you want to do something, or try something then just do it!


Life's too short not to follow your dreams, and your never too old to start something new - just ask our 97 year model Joyce who had never modeled a day in her life before we signed her!


Be kind to yourself, and never say never!!!






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