August 5, 2018

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My Dream Job & My Questionable Sanity!

5 Feb 2018

I know EXACTLY what my dream job would be if I wasn’t doing the one I’m currently very happy and satisfied doing!


If I didn’t need to actually earn an income to help support my family and well, LIVE!, my dream would be this…


I would travel around the country competing in different events pushing my body mentally and physically to raise money for different charities and fundraisers.


Yep – I’d be a Professional Event participant…..there seriously should be such a thing people!


Some of the greatest moments of satisfaction in my life have been from competing in events and raising money for charity.  


These events combine two things that are core motivators for myself; staying fit by taking on challenges that push me outside my comfort zone; and helping make a difference to other people who are not as lucky as I am.



No, I don’t own my own home, I don’t drive a flash car, we don’t jet off overseas regularly (more like very rarely), I’m not able to NOT work, but I am so very RICH in so many other ways.


I have a house over my head, I have a beautiful, healthy family, I have my own health, I have wonderful friends and I have a job that brings me a lot of satisfaction.


Yes, I consider myself lucky.   And so why wouldn’t I then try to make a difference to the lives of others who aren’t so lucky?  Isn’t that what humans do?? 


I have taken part in so many events over the years and begged, bugged, badgered and beguiled many, many people to part with their dollars in the name of the charity that I was raising for at the time.


And I have no doubt that the majority of my family and friends probably roll their eyes and groan each time I start my fundraising efforts for the next event I sign up for –

“here she goes asking for my money again”.   


But all I ask people to do each time I come knocking is to separate the ‘knocker’ from the actual needy.  


It’s not DAN that is bugging you for money yet again…the money doesn't go into my bank account!



it’s the little girl with terminal cancer,

it’s the family of the 40 year old who just had a stroke,

it’s the Mum of 3 with breast cancer,

it’s the 68 year old that’s living in the doorway of the building down in Surfers.  

It’s the people who are incapable of helping themselves, or asking for help, and so we, as caring humans, do what we can to help them. 


This leads me on to my latest adventure.


And make no mistake they ARE adventures. Leaps of faith into the unknown where you test yourself in every aspect and find out so much about who you are and what you are capable of.



On March 11 I’ll be taking a team up the tallest building in Australia, the Q1. 

77 floors of pure adrenalin, hell and torture….

...but with the sweet goal of raising funds for the Gold Coast homeless through Rosie’s – Friends On The Street.  










In addition to tackling the climb with my team mates, in a moment that can only be described as pure insanity, I also signed up for the PT Glory challenge that will run earlier in the day. 


Basically 8 local PT’s slogging it out for the glory of first to the top (and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not likely to be me people!).


Now, initially there was no way that I was going to put my body AND ego on the line by participating in this category.  


But, have you ever done something that simultaneously makes you feel physically sick but also excites the hell out of you at the same time? 


This was my first opportunity in 2018 to really push myself outside my comfort zone and I decided WTF!

Before I could say, “Jesus woman you are nearly 48 years old, what the hell are you thinking” - I was signed up and committed to scaling this beast of a building twice in 4 hours on 11 March! 

Why?   Why Dan would you put your body through this??


My reasons below:  
1. There are only 8 participants and someone has to come last!

2.  It gives me a greater opportunity to raise much needed money for Rosie’s. Please feel free to follow this link & support me in my lunacy and amount of donation is sincerely appreciated.


3. I constantly preach & bang on about stepping outside your comfort zone & setting challenges for’s about practicing what I preach people! 

4. I also tell people all the time that fear, having doubts or just feeling like they might fail is NEVER an excuse for not trying....again putting my money (or body) where my mouth is.

5. I was looking for something to get me motivated & get my butt moving more over the next few months - TA DA, put it out there and the Universe delivers.


6. My mission this year is to put a spotlight on being age positive and owning being #northof45.   Showing you that age is a state of mind and NOT an excuse to bail out on life and living. 

I’ll probably be racing against 7 x 20 year old ripped young PT’s....but that just means they only have half the years of grit, guts & determination I have amassed over the past 48 years! And I will bring every ounce of that life experience to the challenge....and anyhow, someone has to come last!!! 



So, the training has begun, the fundraising drive has begun, the butterflies have definitely begun. 


If you could support me great.

Donate Here


If not, please at least say a little prayer for me....this is one challenge that is gonna hurt! 


And, if you can figure out a way that I can travel the world competing in crazy events raising money for charities AND support my beautiful family…..I’d love to hear!



Here’s to being irresistible.


Dan x

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