August 5, 2018

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North of 45 chats to...Susie the Stylist

13 Mar 2018


"So much of fashion is wrapped up in the confidence of the wearer" - Amy Smilovic


Here's an interesting question.....How often have you heard people, women typically, talking about other women needing to "dress their age"? 


As you can probably imagine I have a VERY real issue with statements like this!!!


How EXACTLY is a woman North of 45 'expected' to dress?  




Nothing above the knee?   


Nothing too tight? 


Nothing too low cut? 


Nothing too bright? 


Nothing revealing? 


No arms on show? 


Nothing too offensive??   


Hang on, offensive to WHO??


Surely these old fashioned, archaic attitudes with dressing belong in the archive trash along with babies wearing pink or blue to announce their sex; and women having to continue dying their hair into their 70's to satisfy some ridiculous notion of beauty and anti-aging at all costs?  (don't even get me started!) 


Personally, I like to keep updated with the fashion trends but then choose the things that;  I feel comfortable in; make me feel great when I put them on; and of course, highlight my 'best bits'.   


Whether it was designed for a 20 year old or a 60 year old is irrelevant to me - it's what makes ME feel good when I wear it that matters the most. 


Today North of 45 chats to a woman from the Gold Coast who has been involved in and loved all things fashion her entire life.    

I say, find your bliss, embrace your size, shape and imperfections, grab life with both hands, get rid of clutter in your life, smile, laugh and enjoy the ride… YOLO!


Susie McWatts Forbes has had a long and colourful fashion and modelling career and her personal approach to fashion is one I applaud.   Susie is currently the stylist for the GC's own Get It Magazine.   


I asked Susie to give me some more insight into her own personal style and philosophies on having fun with fashion. 


She's got a wonderful, youthful and adventurous attitude to dressing and great advice on how to embrace and celebrate your own personal sense of style. 


Enjoy reading about Susie and have fun with your wardrobe and remember - RULES WERE MEANT TO BE BROKEN - screw what THEY say!   


Here's to being irresistible!


Dan x 



Susie offers styling and wardrobe advise so if you are interested in getting in touch with her she can be reached via her Instagram account @susiethestylist or via email at


 Take a look at Susie's own fun sense of style! 



Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background as a Professional Stylist.


I came into this world wearing High heel shoes. My Nana taught me to so at the age of 11. Was more than happy creating crazy fashion for my Barbie dolls.


Had a wild obsession with Thrift Stores, much to my mum’s horror!

I would strut downtown on a Friday night to show off my latest creation in my hometown… Whangarei. NZ. Yes, I’m a proud Kiwi!


Moving to the “Big Smoke” Auckland, worked in Fashion Stores, meeting my Hubby while owning and operating my own store, designing and sewing one-off pieces.


Moved to the Gold Coast 33 years ago with my young daughter, and having my son here on the Coast...Worked as a model and Stylist for a Modelling Agency in Brisbane, before branching out on my own as a Personal Stylist, I had a light bulb moment!


So many women (and men) have no idea of their body shape and make so many mistakes in what they purchase… Or go and buy the same old!!! Because it is safe!


Q: What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career?


Working with Major Shopping Centres, Westfield Garden City, Sanctuary Cove, Runaway Bay, Australia Fair, Mt Ommaney, and currently, Stylist at Pacific Fair, have been with them for years!


A road show around Australia and NZ with Katies, with The Fashion Workshop, involving staff training, body shape, personal style and presentation.


Working as the Stylist for Get it Magazine this past 12 months has been a lot of fun and I enjoy the challenge.


Q: How has your own personal style evolved over the years? 


I believe you must have fun with your age, body shape and lifestyle… life is way too short to be stuck in a box!


Most of my ladies think they become invisible after the age of 40… or any number that has a zero on it!


I say go for it!

Dress for your personality, create your own personal style, and run with it!


My fashion can be anything on any day!

I like to surprise my hubby and everyone around me! #longtimedead


Q: What is your best piece of styling advice for women North of 45?


When Styling my gorgeous peeps, I always stress…


You must love what you have TODAY!


We can cover the bits we are not loving… And highlight the bits we love!


I can make you look years younger and sizes smaller… It’s all about being willing to move out of your comfort zone.


Q: What do you see as the greatest challenge facing women “North of 45” today? 


A challenge is an everyday issue, whether in work, life, or dealing with the way your body is changing as we face our later years.


I say, find your bliss, embrace your size, shape and imperfections, grab life with both hands, get rid of clutter in your life, smile, laugh and enjoy the ride… YOLO!



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