August 5, 2018

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You've Had Your Fun...Now Step Away From The Chocolate!

2 Apr 2018


About now you might be feeling the effects of a 3 day chocolate binge....and it's not pretty!!


I thought I would re-share a blog I wrote a few years ago now....but never the less, still very relevant and hopefully useful. 


Put this plan into action starting today and by next Friday the 2018 Easter Apocalypse will be a distant memory! 


Here's to being irresistable!


Dan x 



"So we've made it to Easter Monday.


If you are anything like 95% of the population you are experiencing a major chocolate hangover laced with a generous helping of regret and a healthy dose of 'I wish I hadn't...'


Yes I know you were going to be good this year.


Yes I realise it's impossible to avoid all of the chocolate.


Yes it would have been rude to decline all of the gifts that you received.


Yes I understand it was Dolly that made you do it.......NOT!


The reality is that you are probably experiencing feelings of guilt and remorse now as we emerge from the pile of egg and bunny wrappers, try to scrap the sugar coating from your tongue and survey the damage that's been done.


Despite the fact that I personally believe guilt is a wasted emotion, I understand how you are feeling and want to help you move past that feeling.


Firstly, what's done is done.  


You can't 'undo' the past 72 hours so why on earth would you want to waste any emotion feeling anxious, guilty or depressed about it? 


Forget about it. 


It's done, finished, history and part of your past.  NOT your future.


Do you want the good news? 


I don't care HOW much you managed to shove down your pie-hole over the past Long Weekend, you haven't done THAT much damage to your goals. 


You may have stalled for a few days, but you won't have gone spiralling backwards to square one. 


So how do you kick start your body and metabolism back in the right direction? 


Give one, two or ALL of these a go over the next week and by next Saturday as you pull on your runners for your workout, the Ghosts of Easter past should be a distant and unpleasant memory.



Your system is struggling to process all of the excess sugar and saturated fats floating around at the moment so use the World's oldest, cheapest and most natural detox product - H2O.  Flood your body with water, at least 2-3 litres a day over the next few days.   Plenty of water will help you feel fuller throughout the day, flush your system and help you stick to healthier choices moving forward.



If you bought or received far more than you could possibly consume over the weekend and you now have a stock pile sitting in the kitchen calling out to you every hour to "eat me", it's now time to remove the temptation.  If you can't bring yourself to throw the offenders away, bag it all up and take it to your nearest charity to share with those not fortunate enough to enjoy Easter as you did this year.   Be honest with yourself, if it stays in the fridge/pantry you will slowly chip away at it over the next few weeks until it's all gone.   You don't need it, GET RID OF IT!  And while we're on this point - don't go buying all the cheap chocolate in the supermarkets this week because it's on sale!  Come on.....really?!??!



If you took 3-4 days off your regular workout routine, time to get back into it tomorrow.  Even if you don't have a regular routine, start one tomorrow. Even if you just promise yourself to get up 45 mins early every morning this week (it is a SHORT one by the way) and go for a 30 min walk, do it!   You may find by the weekend that you have started a new habit that you actually enjoy!  As it's getting cooler it's perfect to get out for an early morning, brisk walk.  If you are a daily exerciser, get back into it and re-establish your daily routine.    Maybe even mix it up and try a few new things this week that get your heart rate up a little higher than normal to burn a few extra calories.



I know you hear this ALL the time - but now more than ever this one is important.  If you existed on a diet of chocolate, hot cross buns and sweet treats this weekend your body is CRYING for essential vitamins and minerals and the best way to get them is with HEAPS of vegetables!  As your tastebuds are numbed by sugar at the moment, vegetables may taste bland and unappetising....I.  DON'T.  CARE.   Eat them!      JFDI.



So much sugar in your system will probably have you feeling tired and lethargic anyway.  Resist the temptation to nap in the afternoons when the sugar crash hits.  Stay up and go to bed early, have a solid 8 hours sleep and enjoy all the benefits that the right amount of sleep brings - energy, sharp minds and stable metabolism.   I know that when I'm tired the temptation to eat sugar increases ten-fold and the will to prepare fresh, heathy meals and snack decreases ten-fold!  



No good ever came from guilt, remorse and punishment.   You are human, it was Easter, there was chocolate.  End of story.   Don't make it into a bigger deal than it needs to be.   If you had trouble controlling yourself learn from the experience.  What situations were you in that set you up for this lack of control?  Will you be able to change the situation in future so that you can keep or regain control?  If you don't like feeling this way, how will you avoid it in future?  Do you have people around you who support you or hinder you?   Every experience we have is an opportunity to change, grow and learn.  But ultimately, be kind to yourself.  Does that mean you can go ballistic on the chocolate fountain every weekend because you are 'being kind to yourself'???  No, of course not.  All I'm saying is it's not the end of the world.  It happened.  Move on and get better. 


Happy Easter After-math lovelies!"



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