August 5, 2018

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Are You Addicted to the Chase?

24 Oct 2018

I was thrilled to have an article included in the historic 100th edition of the Australian Oxygen Magazine this month.   




"Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are" - Robert Holden

...How many happy moments in time are you missing because you are always chasing, pursuing, running to the next place, instead of enjoying where you are now! 





I bought my very first Oxygen magazine back in 2011 when I was a 'young' 41 year old.   It was issue 48 and it caught my eye because it featured the beautiful, 55 year old Lesley Maxwell on the cover. 


Now while there were certainly other women of this maturity on other publication covers like Women's Weekly or New Idea, none of them were representing this age group as strong, lean, feminine fitness models.   I was intrigued and hooked immediately with that cover. 


Having only started in my Health and Fitness career a few years earlier I was thrilled to find a publication that supported and applauded women of ALL ages to dream big and not be afraid to flex some muscle and be proud of them!    It gave me role models my own age to aspire to and permission to be proud of the lifestyle I was drawn towards. They were REAL,  AUTHENTIC and PROUD women and I felt immediately like I had found my 'family'. 


Fast forward 52 issues and I have indeed become part of the Oxygen family having been lucky enough to grace a cover, become an Ambassador and have had 8 articles published within the pages.   


I'm so proud of my association with this Australian icon in publishing that has survived and outlasted so many that have since disappeared.  


Below you'll find the link to my article in the 100th issue.  It's a topic that I think is becoming more and more an issue in society and needs to be highlighted and discussed. 


I hope you enjoy the read and it gives you some cause for self-reflection and maybe even motivation to make some important changes in your own life so that you are happy NOW rather than waiting for the 'perfect' place and time to find joy in life and satisfaction with our lot. 


Happy 100th Oxygen Magazine and thank you for having me on your journey so far!



Here’s to being irresistible


Dan x 


Read the full Oxygen Magazine article here.   The special 100th edition is available for purchase now at all good newsagents or alternatively you can purchase online here







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